Isabelle Coppée’s references come from both her consulting and training new activity (Izco Conseil) as well as her experience gathered in several engineering companies and public transport operators (Systra, RATP, RATP Dev).

Contracting authority support

creation, restructuring & operation of public transport networks

On goingRedesign of Antananarivo public transport tariff system, study ordered by the Institute of City Professions on behalf of the Antananarivo Urban Community, (project partly financed by the French Development Agency), Madagascar
On goingProject for the improvement of physical accessibility in transports for persons with reduced mobility, Moroccan Ministry of Solidarity, Women, Family and Social Development (on-going project financed by the IBRD)
On goingFeasibility study on the choice of a planning and implementation solution on urban and interurban networks, France
2014Study for a public transport network Ben Guerir (as part of the King Mohammed VI Green City planning), Ben Guerir City, Morocco
2014Study for local transport services for the agglomeration community Est Ensemble, Paris Metropolitan Area
2013Expertise for the response to the call for bid of the pre-operation and O&M contract, Riyadh bus network, Saudi Arabia
2010Expertise for the response to the call for bid of the O&M contract, Perpignan bus network, France
2009Expertise for the response to the call for bid of the O&M contract, Copenhagen automatic metro lines M1/M2, Denmark
2009Project design technical assistance, Annemasse BRT, France
2008Technical assistance for the transformation of a bus line into a BRT, Rouen, France
1998Restructuring and privatisation of Białystok public transport, Poland
1996Bucharest Metro modernisation, Rumania

Bid director

O& M of public transport networks

2011-2012Pre-operation and O&M, Casablanca Tramway 1st line, Morocco
2009-2010O&M contract, Arras bus network, France
2008-2009Design of a park + ride transport system and O&M contract, Mont-Saint-Michel shuttles, France

Public transport project design

2005-2006RATP contribution to Paris local transport plan
2003-2004Funicular in Meudon, Île-de-France
2001-2003Meudon/Boulogne/Saint-Cloud tramway, Île-de-France
2000-2001Paris Métro line 4 south extension
1998-1999RATP contribution to Paris local transport plan
1998-1999Mont-Saint-Michel shuttles, France
1997-1998Local transport plans, Lucca, Italy
1996-1999Bordeaux tramway, France
1996-1997Ring tramway, Rome, Italy
1994Rapid transit system in Tel Aviv, Israel
1994Lyons north-east gate linking, France
1992Local transport plans, Amiens, France
1991-1992Dunkirk BRT, France

Operational Management

2006-2008Head of Pont de Levallois terminus (130 people), Paris Métro line 3


Since 2014Rationalisation of urban and suburban routes, French National Centre for Local Civil Service
2014-2015Special technical specifications: stakes, utility, risk analysis, Ponts Formation Conseil
Since 2013How to respond to a call for bid?, Master in Public Transport Network Operation, Cergy-Pontoise University
Since 2013Operating public transport, Bachelor in Transportation, Lille 3 University